21 August 2013

Jaycee Turns Eight

This chica just turned eight. And made the choice to be baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Her parents are so proud of her. And I can absolutely see why. Congratulations, Miss Jaycee!

Miss K

Could you just die? Well? Could you? So alert and didn't want to sleep for us. But I think it's because she wanted us to see her pretty blue eyes. Welcome to the world, Kennedy!

 Love this girlie. And her momma, too.

Bryan & Tamara: Maternity

I'm so far behind on this here blog, it hurts. You know what else hurts? How beautiful these {three} were for their maternity session. Thank you, Jarrett family for making my heart skip a beat or two. No, really. Thank you.


07 June 2013

Braun Family

The trifecta: Love, laughter, and looks. Thank you, Rod and Sharron for having such a beautiful family so I could take pictures of them. Really and truly.

The end.

25 May 2013

Baby Wyatt

Baby Wyatt is here! And he's just about the sweetest thing I've laid my eyes on. Agreed?
Agreed. Congrats, Ashley and Brian. He's just perfect.